• 2022/06/16 Correctseq

    Correctseq Gets Prize of ”2022 Top 50 Biotech Innovation Companies”

    June 15, 2022, Correctseq got prize of “2022 Top 50 Biotech Innovation Companies” from KPMG. On the prize list, more than half of companies have 5 years histories, 89% companies have more than 3 years histories, only 4 companies have less than 2 years histories and Correctseq is one of them. Correctseq is evaluated to be the most potential company in the gene therapy fields because of its innovative gene editing technology.


  • 2022/05/01 Correctseq

    Dr. Gao Serves as a Distinguished Adviser of Quality Department of Correctseq to Accelerate the Pipeline Advances and Quality System Establishment

    On May 1, 2022, CorrectSequence Therapeutics (Correctseq), a pioneer gene editing biotechnology company, announced that Dr. Guang Gao was invited to serve as a long-term special consultant for global quality standards, to guide the global application of Correctseq R&D pipeline and the establishment of global quality systems in line with China, USA and European standards.


  • 2022/04/26 Correctseq

    Prof. Hao Yin, Co-founder of Correctseq, Participates in 2022 Simcere Innovation Forum and Makes a Speech

    On April 25, 2022, Prof. Hao Yin, Co-founder of CorrectSequence Therapeutics (Correctseq) was invited to attend 2022 Simcere Innovation Forum which was held in Nanjing and Boston at the same time, and made a speech titled” CRISPR-based gene therapy and nucleic acids detection”. The experts from home and abroad online and offline discussed the newest technologies of biomedicine field on the forum, which abstracted about 1,500 medicine young scholars.


  • 2021/12/08 Correctseq

    Dr. Xiaodun Mou Joins CorrectSequence Therapeutics as CEO

    CorrectSequence Therapeutics (Correctseq), founded in 2020, has announced the appointment of Dr. Xiaodun (Susan) Mou as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), in charge of general operation of the company. Correctseq is a cutting-edge biotechnology company leading the evolution of new gene editing technologies with a special focus on base editing for the permanent cure of genetic diseases to benefit global patients. Together with its accomplishments of series A financial raising, the opening of new research laboratories at Starthub Incubator in Shanghai Zhangjiang Innovation Center, the onboarding of Dr. Mou as CEO will drive the development of Correctseq to the new era. Dr. Mou will lead the clinical application of base editing technology, the expansion of therapeutic pipelines, the establishment of global standard CMC platform and the cGMP manufacturing of gene editing medicines. 


  • 2021/03/27 SDDA

    Turning a Scissor into a Pen, CRISPR 2.0 Era is Coming

    In face of tens of thousands of unsolved difficult diseases, gene editing technology known as "God's scalpel" is expected. Like turning knives into pens, several young Chinese scientists in Zhangjiang of Shanghai are committed to developing novel gene editors without making a double-stranded break in the DNA, directly modifying the wrong genetic information. In the trend of entrepreneurship, they want to develop the advanced gene editing technology into a precision genetic therapy of variety of genetic and tumor diseases as soon as possible.


  • 2021/01/10 Correctseq

    CorrectSequence Therapeutics Receives Angel Round Investment from Zoo, New Alliance, Sequoia and TF, Opening up a New Track for Proprietary Base Editing Therapy

    CorrectSequence Therapeutics (Correctseq), a pioneer gene editing biotechnology company, recently completed an angel round of financing of 40 million RMB (approximately USD 6 million). This round of financing is jointly led by Zoo Capital and New Alliance Capital, followed by Sequoia China and TF Capital, and signed a global exclusive permanent authorization agreement with ShanghaiTech University with a total amount of more than 170 million RMB (approximately USD 25 million).


  • 2021/01/04 Correctseq

    Co-founder of Correctseq, Professor Li Yang is Invited to Participate in the Annual Meeting of the 6th BiG IMPACT

    Co-founder of Correctseq, Professor Li Yang was invited to participate in the theme interview of the 6th BiG IMPACT annual conference on " Transforming from Papers to Product, the Difficulties and Path Breakthrough!".


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