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2022-07-13 10:37:41 Correctseq 73

July 13, 2022(USA time), tBE(transformer Base Editor), developed by the scientific co-founders of CorrectSequence Therapeutics(Correctseq), is authorized by USPTO formally(United States Patent and Trademark Office). It’s the Chinese first base editing tool authorized by overseas patents. Correctseq becomes the exclusive biopharmaceutical company that owns the global rights and interests of the underlying platform-based base editing system patent. The First IND pipeline for thalassemia of Correctseq is well underway, using tBE to create a creative base editing therapy. Correctseq is the Chinese first biopharmaceutical company which transforms the Chinese self-developed base editing tool into a creative base editing therapy. Correctseq has already got the worldwide exclusive license of eBE, which is the first base editing tool authorized by Chinese patents. At the same time, Correctseq has applied PCT for several base editing tools. 

The disadvantages of CRISPR/Cas9 was appeared recently. It will bring double-strand DNA break and hard to realize the high efficiently and stable base editing. The safety of its clinical application is questioned. Base editing technology can realize editing the gene precisely through correcting one mutated base gene, without making double-stranded breaks in the DNA. Compared to other editing tools, base editor is more efficiency and safety.

tBE, developed by the scientific co-founders of Correctseq, connects a deoxycytidine deaminase inhibitor(dCDI) and a split TEV protease, and has a specific design which will make tBE locate in target mutation and start editing. If tBE locates off-target mutation, its editing function will invalid. This brings not only no off-target mutation bus also the high efficiently editing. Meanwhile, tBE likes a “Transformer” which is flexible to suitable for many kinds of deliver methods such as AAV, mRNA/LNP. It can edit multi-targets efficiently at the same time. These advantages will expand the scope of clinical application.

The development of tBE was supported by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China. tBE was also shown on National 13th Five-Year Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition which was held by Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission and other government departments. tBE has been quoted and confirmed by many national academic journals recently.


New high precisely editing system tBE (transformer Base Editor)

Recently, patents of gene editing technology are important and have big potential business value. At present, there are 15,000 patents related to CRISPR in the world. USA is NO.1, China is NO.2. So, for a biopharmaceutical company focusing on gene editing technology, which will enter the global market, it’s very important to apply overseas patents for its self-developed technology.

Correctseq has always attached great importance to applying for national and overseas patents for R&D technology. The scientific co-founders of Correctseq have created 5 series of base editing system. Correctseq has already applied for PCT for 7 base editing tools, and applied for Chinese patents for 3 base editing tools, 2 of which have been granted Chinese patents in 2020 and 2021. Having the first base editing tool authorized by Chinese patents and the Chinese first base editing tool authorized by overseas patents makes Correctseq more competitive in the field of base editing therapy products. 

Correctseq is building a new drug development platform by tBE and other base editing system, that Correctseq is using to advance multiple pipelines for genetic diseases, tumor immunotherapy, metabolic diseases, and infectious diseases. The first IND pipeline is for thalassemia, using tBE to create a new precise base editing therapy. The successful of applying for overseas patent will help Correctseq transform the base editing technology into clinical therapy as soon as possible.

About CorrectSequence Therapeutics

CorrectSequence Therapeutics aims to use our innovative gene editing system to help people living with serious diseases. We have developed multiple base editing systems and our base editors offer significant advantages in controlling off-target effects and improving in vivo editing efficiency. Multiple pipelines are well underway. Our independent R&D platform and process transformation laboratory have world-class R&D capabilities.

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