About Us

CorrectSequence Therapeutics (Correctseq) is a clinical-stage biotech company employing its proprietary transformer Base Editor (tBE) to pioneer next-generation gene editing therapies.

Our leading pipeline candidate, CS-101, utilizing innovative base editor targeting HBG, curing β-hemoglobinopathies, has obtained IND approval from the China NMPA. Clinical data demonstrate its superior performance, indicating significant potential for CS-101 to become a best-in-class gene editing therapy for curing patients with β-hemoglobinopathies.

Proof-of-concept (POC) data in mice for in vivo pipelines using tBE-editing therapies via lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery are available, including targets for hereditary angioedema (HAE), hypercholesterolemia, and hypertriglyceridemiaEx vivo multiplex editing of T cells on multiple targets simultaneously preserved T cell growth and function in vivo compared to non-edited cells, establishing tBE as the ideal gene editing tool for the next-generation cell therapy development.

tBE offers significant advantages in controlling off-target effects and enhancing in vivo editing efficiency, making it ideal for both multiplex editing and precise single-target editing. It is compatible with various delivery system, including ex vivo editing in hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and T cells, as well as in vivo editing via LNPs or adeno-associated viruses (AAVs).We are developing multiple pipelines targeting genetic diseases, cancer immunotherapy, metabolic disorders, and cardiovascular diseases.

Our focus on biotechnology innovation, research and development underscores our commitment to providing efficient, reliable and safe solution for unmet medical needs.

Our History


Company founded

Correctseq obtained the global exclusive perpetual license for base editing patents


enhanced Base Editor (eBE) became the first base editing tool authorized by Chinese patents

An angel round of financing of 40 million RMB was completed


R&D center established in Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Series A financing of nearly 300 million RMB was completed


CMC & cGMP manufacturing center established in Zhangjiang Cell Industry Park


Regulatory & Clinical Center established in China Central Place, Beijing.


transformer Base Editor (tBE) became the first Chinese base editing tool authorized by overseas patents


The world's first clinical base editing therapy for hemoglobinopathy, CorrectSequence Therapeutics' CS-101 successfully cures one patient of transfusion-dependent β-Thalassemia


CS-101 IND approved in NMPA


CorrectSequence Therapeutics has gathered dozens of outstanding biomedical experts from the fields of R&D, new drug development, CMC development, clinical operation, quality, etc. The management team and R&D team have more than 10 years industrial experience, with more than 40% of the staff holding master degrees.

Staffs of our management team and R&D team come from well-known domestic and international pharmaceutical companies, research institutions and drug regulatory authorities, such as USA FDA, Merck (MSD US), Pfizer (US), Roche China, Novartis China, Henlius, Luye Pharma, Sinopharm, WuXi Biologics, WuXi AppTech, JW Therapeutics, Hengrui, Innovent, Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, etc. We have cross-field drug R&D experience with cancer, genetic disease, liver disease, blood disease, infectious disease, rare disease, mRNA therapy, CAR-T therapy, TCR-T therapy, monoclonal antibody therapy, stem cell therapy and tumor immunotherapy, etc.

  • Industrial Experience

    10 Years+

    Management Team and R&D Team

  • Proportion of M.D.

    40 %+

    Management Team and R&D Team


Xiaodun (Susan) Mou, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Distinguished Advisers

  • Guang Gao, Ph.D.

    Distinguished Quality Adviser

  • Jia Chen, Ph.D.

    Distinguished Scientific Adviser

  • Li Yang, Ph.D.

    Distinguished Scientific Adviser

  • Hao Yin, Ph.D.

    Distinguished Scientific Adviser

  • Bei Yang, Ph.D.

    Distinguished Scientific Adviser

Our Culture

  • Mission

    We use innovative 

    base editing technology 

    to help people 

    with severe diseases

  • Vision

    To be the Chinese leading 

    and world-class 

    gene editing innovative 

    pharmaceutical company

  • Value

    Patient first,REsponsibility,Collaboration,Innovation,

    Strive for Excellence

    P R E C I S E


  • 2023.11    2023 Shanghai High Value Patent Operation Competition Top 20 & Patent Operation Benchmark Award

  • 2023.10    A winning project in the "Digital Age: International Trends in Precision Medicine and Chinese Innovation" project roadshow

  • 2023.10    Chinese Healthcare Front-Runners Top 100 (IBIWS)

  • 2022.12    tBE (transformer Base Editor) won the 19th People's Ingenuity Award

  • 2022.12    2022 Science and technology excellence Award of Jiading District, Shanghai

  • 2022.11    Dr. Xiaodun Mou was Selected as the Annual Influential Enterprise Leaders of Chinese CGT Field in 2022

  • 2022.10    Venture Capital Star of Shanghai Entrepreneurs Association & Simbay Park

  • 2022.09    2022 Biomedical "Rising Star" in First Season

  • 2022.06    Top 10 Gene Therapy Companies of 2022 Future Healthcare VB100-Best Performing Companies in Value Fields (VBDATA.CN)

  • 2022.06    2022 Top 50 Biotech Innovation Companies (KPMG)

  • 2022.02    TOP 50 Innovation and Development Companies of 2022 Jiading District’s Stabilizing Business and Promoting Investment project

  • 2022.01    Professor Jia Chen was Selected as "Outstanding Innovation and Entrepreneurial Talent of Zhangjiang”

  • 2021.12    Top 50 Most Innovative Companies of Chinese Biomedicine in 2021

  • 2021.06    Excellent Roadshow Project of the 2nd Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of Cell Therapy of Zhangjiang International Summit on Cell Therapy Industry

  • 2020.12    The first prize of the 3rd Jiading District Entrepreneurship Competition in 2020

  • 2020.12    2020 Jiading District Science and Technology Innovation Award


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